Race slot transfer

You will have the possibility of transferring your race slot to another participant. The transfer of race slots may only be conducted online. Please note the deadlines in our GTC.

The transfer is possible via your Active-Account. To conduct the transfer, you need to appoint a substitute by entering his/her email address.

Your substitute must take over the distance originally booked and pay the current price tier.

The new substitute will receive an email with a registration link with which he/she can assume your place. As soon as the new participant has registered via this link, you (the previous participant) will be refunded of the entry fee, all booked additional services minus the transfer fee of EUR 20.00. The 8% ACTIVE fee is non-refundable. If the new participant would like to book additional services, he/she can do so during his/her registration.

For any questions regarding the race slot transfer please call our Athlete Service Team. Hotline 01805-77 17 40 (14 Cents per Minute via the Deutsche Telekom Network, differing rates from mobile and other networks)

The hotline is available from Mondays to Thursday at 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. (CET)

Written queries are to be sent to wtshamburg@ironman.com

NOTE: Calls made to the IRONMAN Germany GmbH central number will NOT be forwarded to the helpdesk. You will receive support by directly calling the hotline number.